Mountain Gecko

"I spent weeks trawling the internet for ski aids for children with special needs, all to no avail. I eventually changed my search criteria and came across the Nipper Grip Ski Harness. The harness was not specifically designed for special needs, but seemed to tick all the boxes."

Little Skiers

"So if you have bought a NipperGrip during the last ski season on thinking of doing so for next year's season remember that it can also be used to teach your child to ride a bike and swim (without the reins on!)."

Little Trekkers

"...bought the NipperGrip on the recommendation of a friend. The grab handles on the front and the back make it really easy to pick up when he falls down (plus they also work as a brilliant set of reins!)" "The Nippergrip is fabulous, particularly on chair lifts. It helps get them on, keep them safe while they ride, and lift them off at the end."

Amazon - Kathie

We used this on both our 2 & 3 year olds and plan to use it for a few more years to come. Great for when they ski between your legs to save you backache and can see how reassuring and handy it will be next year when they will be ready to start using ski lifts for the first time ...also helps you pick them up off the floor when they fall over! Not tried the reins but the harness alone works well for us."

Amazon - Fiona

This is just the ski harness we have been looking for to help teach our kids to ski. Easy to put on and remove. Fantastic! ."


"Just got back from Holiday and I was the envy of all parents trying to get there kids on to the lift and picking them up when they had fallen. Every one else thought that me just picking her up and dropping her back on her feet was great. Lift attendants loved me as they did not need to slow down the lift, just grab her and sit her down on the seat. This has been the best ski product I have bought, and believe me I have a few." - Philip

"We are just back from an excellent weeks skiing in Valloire France. My 4 yr old used the Nipper grip all week and it was the ideal tool to get him skiing. By the end of the 1st day he was able to stand and ski by himself and by the end of the week he was able to ski a full green by himself and even tackle an easy red.
The nipper grip is highly recommended" - Simon

Familes Magazine

"The essential gadget for skiing with children" "The NipperGrip is a must for any family going skiing with young children."


"All-in-all, this is a really simple idea, that's well executed and I won't be surprised if resorts are full of kids wearing them this winter."

Planet Ski

"The well-thought out design allows control of speed and direction with reins while the front and back handles make it easy to pick the children up."

Zenith Holidays

"The NipperGrip is a must for any family going skiing with young children. ."

Mark Warner

"If you are skiing with young children this year, the NipperGrip will be an essential piece of kit to take."

Ski Club of Great Britain

"... especially if you have a bad back. Picking the little ones up off the snow by a handle at the front and back. Easy!"


I used this harness to teach my son - 5 years old, how to ski. It was great for helping him get comfortable on the slopes, before letting him loose with other instructors. Also in the afternoons, after his lessons, we could do a bit more skiing with the comfort of being in control. - elstobm