NipperGrip is a kids Ski Harness with easy grab handles on the front & back

Help them up whichever way they fall

The NipperGrip has a unique design. It is the only harness with a Handle on the FRONT as well as the back of your child. This means that no matter which way they fall, sit or lie you are able to help them back to their feet without taking your gloves/mitts off and trying to grip a slippery ski suit.

Control their speed

Without bending over you can ski with your child between your legs. This allows you to keep a straight back which is way less tiring and means you remain in control. For slightly steeper slopes or if your child wants a bit more freedom use the detachable reins to control your little ones speed, direction and safety on the piste.

Chair & Drag Lifts – No Problem

When it comes to the chairlift, with the handle on the back it’s simple to lift your kid or kids onto the seat at the start of the lift, hold them safe during the journey and help them with a clean get away at the top. The Lift Attendants will love you for it! On drag lifts you don’t need to bend double to grab them under the arms.

Easy to put on and take off

The NipperGrip is the only harness with a patented tabard design. The clips are at the side which has several significant benefits. It’s quick for you to take off when your little one needs to answer the call of nature NOW. You can undo both clips and lift it off over their head which makes taking off ski jackets/all in ones much easier. It’s almost impossible for a small child to take off!