Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use a NipperGrip

Skiing with young children is a joy, most of the time! As a parent you'll know how difficult it can be to keep them pointed the right way and focussed - especially if they are easily distracted. The sights and sounds of a mountain full of snow never fail to delight and distract most all children. When on skis, most of the time, kids slither to a stop and promptly lie down often at the most inopportune time and inappropriate place. It's difficult to coax them back to their feet under their own steam, eventually hauling them up by the scruff of their Ski Jacket is the only option! With gloves or mits on this is a haphazard approach, made worse if it's cold, snowing, the light is fading and it's the "end of a lovely day". The NipperGrip Kids Ski Harness solves ALL of these problems.

“Why do I need to use a NipperGrip ski harness?”

Faced with our young family on the slopes we developed it for three reasons: * Teaching kids to Ski * Keeping kids safe on the Slopes * Picking kids up when they fall over

Teaching my kids to Ski

The NipperGrip has a handle on the back (as well as the front) and a set of detachable reins. This allows you to guide your little one between your legs or a couple of feet in front of your skis. You can control their speed and direction, building their confidence in small steps. The advantage of the NipperGrip is that you can do this without bending double to hold them under the arms or allow them a degree of freedom at the end of the reins.

Keeping my Kids safe on the Slopes

My middle daughter cannot sit still, usually with the excitement of the slope just done or the hot chocolate to come. This can prove to be a trial on a chair lift. It is every parent's nightmare to have their kid slip off the chair. Using the handle on the back of the NipperGrip you are able to guide them during the queuing process, keep a firm (but subtle) grip during the chair ride and take some of the strain from them on the dismount and getting away at the top. We have had extensive use on the stairs up to and down from Cable Cars and mountain restaurants. The stairs never seem to be child friendly and the handle on the back is invaluable in preventing head in step type accidents that can ruin a good lunch. Also using the handles helps children walking in deep snow or in slippery conditions (wooden entrance floors in the snow, what were they thinking?). Again you can help your little one without you having to be bent double and risking your lower back to do so.

Picking the Kids up when they fall over

The NipperGrip is the only harness with a Handle on the FRONT as well as the back of your child. This means that no matter which way they fall, sit or lie you are able to help them back to their feet without taking gloves/mitts off and gripping a slippery ski suit.

“Sounds Impressive Is there anything else?”

The NipperGrip is the only harness with a tabard design. The clips are at the side which has two significant benefits: * It's easy for you to take off when your little one needs to answer the call of nature NOW. * You can undo both clips and lift it off over their head which makes taking off ski jackets/all in ones much easier It's almost impossible for a small child to take off! Any harness that does up with the catch at the front is relatively easy for a child to take off. Something you really don't want if you are picking them up as they will fall out and hurt themselves. We designed the location of the clips to make it very difficult for young kids to open them; they don't have the requisite strength in their hand and can't use both hands at the same time on the same clip.