Who Are We?


Skiing with young children is a joy, most of the time! As a parent you'll know how difficult it can be to keep them pointed the right way and focussed - especially if they are easily distracted. Most of the time kids slither to a stop and then sit down. It's difficult enough to coax them back to their feet and eventually hauling them up by the scruff of their Ski Jacket is the only option! With gloves or mits on this is a haphazard approach, made worse if it's cold, the light is fading and it's the "end of a lovely day". Chairlifts also offer a wide range of excitements for small children, not to mention actually getting on and off in a controlled manner. Nippergrip - Get a Handle on your kids The NipperGrip Kids Ski Harness solves all of that and more! Developed over 5 years of teaching our girls to ski, the NipperGrip Kids Ski Harness is a robust harness with a handle on the BACK for chair lift control and skiing between parents legs re-assurance and picking them up when they fall face first. Uniquely the NipperGrip Kids Ski Harness also has a handle on the FRONT so that whatever position your child ends up, even flat on their back, you will be able to help them back to their feet. Having experienced the urgency of little girls needing to visit the loo IMMEDIATELY! The NipperGrip Kids Ski Harness is designed to be removed quickly and easily by parents. The tabbard design means that the NipperGrip Ski Harness can be removed and all-in-one suits or ski jacket can be taken off quickly. All without the faffing around with taking the unit off over the shoulders of a single front clip model. Not only does the NipperGrip Kids Ski Harness provide FRONT & BACK handles, also included is a removable set of reins so that you can let your little one ski in front of you in a controlled manner whilst you snow plough along behind. The reins are attached on the waist band to provide the parent a good control over the direction of the child, just like riding a horse, except on snow, and without a horse.


  • Developed by parents who actually taught 3 girls to ski using it
  • Front & back handles
  • Makes chairlifts a cinch
  • Reins for kids "free" skiing
  • Easy to put on and take off (for parents!)
  • Highly adjustable waist & shoulder straps
  • Ideal for Bicycle training
  • Use in the pool for Swim training

Whys and Wherfores

The NipperGrip Kids Ski Harness is the result of exhaustive testing in the mountains of Courchevel. We started out with luggage straps and various bits of Duct tape and progressed to a Granny made item. Having finally hit on a design that worked well we thought no more about it. However as a family we were approached on numerous occasions on the piste by other parents, Ski Instructors and lift operators asking where they could buy the NipperGrip Kids Ski Harness. Obviously at the time they couldn't as we only had one and I was using it with my girls! Eventually, on a ski lift I asked the question, "Given the interest how hard could it be to make some and sell them". Quite hard it turns out! However thanks to a decent patent agent, a great designer and some manufacturing help we took delivery of our first NipperGrips a week before the Ski & Snowbnoard show in 2010.